> Will jews go to heaven?

Will jews go to heaven?

Posted at: 2014-10-02 
1) No one goes to heaven on their one merits. It is only through God's grace and mercy and forgivness.

2) Judaism (and Christianity) do clearly have a concept of Judgment after death. .

If you Google the term “Gehennah” (with alternate spellings) there is much information on this. This is the Jewish way of saying “hell.” True, it is not the same concept as traditional Christianity, but it is there, none the less.

Additionally, Jesus also used the word “Gehennah” (which was mis-translated into English with the modern word “hell.”) He spoke the Hebrew word :Gehennah”. And Jesus quoted the Jewish prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 66:24) when He spoke about Gehennah.

"And they will go out and look upon the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; their worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind." (Isaiah 66.24)

But He also talked about it being a place where the soul is destroyed (not preserved). (Matthew 10.28) And many Christians today also believe the lost will be annihilated in hell. That is their punishment. (Matthew 10.28) Suffering (as appropriate) and then extinguished. Really, is Hitler and those like him going to get a free pass? How is that love?

Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) would have told us nothing new that was not already in the Jewish Bible.

There is a Messianic Jewish website on this. http://www.jewishnotgreek.com

Those who say we just live for today and do not worry about after death are very foolish and ignoring what the Jewish scriptures teach.

The Jewish Bible (even in the Old Testament) tells us that there will be a day of reckoning.

***“God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, For there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” (Ecclesiastes 3:17)

*** those who oppose the Lord will be broken.

The Most High will thunder from heaven;

the Lord will judge the ends of the earth. (1 Samuel 2:10)

*** “Let the nations be roused; let them advance into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the nations on every side." (Joel; 3:12)

He is a just God and will punish those who deserve it.

We will all be judged for what we did with our lives.

And since most evil people do not get caught in this life – they will most certainly face justice after death. How can God be love and not give those hurt by others (rape victims, child molest victims, holocaust victims, etc.) justice?? He would not be loving then would He?

This world is only the "interview" process. God has given all people biological life and wishes to see who will choose to follow Him & His rules.

God is a Just Judge and we try to persuade men because it is a fearful thing to stand before God guilty (and all people are guilty). So believers share out of a desire to see men saved from perfect judgment.

We all have done wrong in life.

To those who try to sit in judgment upon Jesus - run to Him and ask Him to save you from what you have coming towards you.

As the great poet Bob Dylan once sang... "There's a slow train coming..."

God (in the Torah) said it is a blood sacrifice that makes atonement. (Leviticus 17:11)

Without blood atonement - there is not forgiveness of sins according to God Himself. (For everyone must pay for their own sins - or allow a substitute...) Read Leviticus....

That is what the Messiah is all about - Jesus is my substitute. He dies in my place and God allows that. It is “good news.”

This is what I have done. Over 27 years ago I accepted the Messiah as my atonement and it was the BEST decision of my life. Not that every day is all roses (it’s not). But I have a peace that surpasses all the problems of this world. And when I die (as we all will), I know that I am ready for the next world (Olam Ha-Ba) because of what the Messiah has done for me.


Dr. Michael Brown (Ph.D. NY University) has given definitive answers to virtually all of arguments. (I challenge you to read it.) He uses Rabbinic (Talmudic) sources and a correct interpretation of scripture that even the ancient Rabbis agreed with! (Not that they believed in Yeshua, but Dr. Brown shows they understood certain passages as Messianic prophecies – contrary to what you hear on Yahoo Answers from people who say “This is not a Messianic passage’).

Read a great 5 VOLUME SET – ANSWERING JEWISH OBJECTIONS TO JESUS! (over 1,400+ pages of very scholarly research).

It will stop EVERY Jewish unbeliever’s misinterpretations and objections based upon the solid evidence of the Hebrew text. An amazing five volume set by Dr. Michael Brown (New York University, Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages)

From what I see in Rev 21 there will be a New Heavens and a New Earth and the New Jerusalem will be on the earth where the Bride will be. Our place is on the Earth as far as I can see, so going to heaven does not seem to be on the cards for anyone. People who die now seem to go to a beautiful gardened place, I see no reference to heaven in what I read.

BTW we all killed Messiah Yehoshua so no one can say that jews are responsible as we ALL ARE!!

Well no one of the Jewish faith will even gain everlasting life. For salvation is through Christ from Jehovah God (1 Thessalonians 5:9). So only true Christians gain salvation. As for going to heaven, only 144,000 go to heaven (Revelation 14:1 compare John 10:16; Revelation 20:4-6; Luke 12:32). The rest of those that gain salvation shall live forever on earth in a paradise condition (Psalms 37:9, 10, 29; 46:9; 72:16; Isaiah 33:24; Revelation 21:3, 4).

If you hold thumbs just right and recite many prayers over and over and light some candles , chant Iam a Jew while burning incence , then maybe if the scales fall in your favor then Jews might go to heaven , and don't forget to slay a bull to cover your many sins , basically do what other man made religions do and maybe just maybe who knows

Many will. There is no attainder of blood.

The story you tell is not self consistant.

If you are Jews -- then why should you care what Christians believe about your fate in their afterlife?

Your niece should get a good Jewish cultural and religious education and be taught to have self-confidence in her own heritage and to disregard what bizzare belief someone else has about her.

If the kids are being bullies about it -- then the family should contact the school, or perhaps send her elsewhere.

If its more a matter of pervasive ignorant Christo-supremacist culture in the school -- then perhaps the school would benefit from some cultural awareness education.

Jews don't believe in heaven and hell like Christians, that came about through Greek and Roman influences.

It is said over and over that the righteous inherit the earth. All good humans will go to heaven only the Christians say convert or Die.

If we inherit the Kingdom of God there will be no jew, gentile, catholic, protestant or any other denomination - we will ALL be God's Children and ALL are recipients of eternal life thanks to Jesus Christ. The friend who made such a terrible judgement might not be there themselves! :(

They won't go to heaven, because Gods chosen people, the Jewish folks, don't have that concept. They follow the idea that you should be good for goodness sake, and that you should appreciate Gods rewards here, in this life. You should count your blessings and love your God now, because this life is the one He gave you.

You know you can look some of this stuff online.

And the Romans killed Christ, not the Jewish people. The Romans did it, and it doesn't matter why. They were the authority, they could have refused to participate in injustice.

The same principle would apply if I should ask you to steal your coworkers purse. I would be an a$$ for asking such a thing, but you would be the bigger one if you actually did it.

Put blame where it belongs, Christians need more practice with that.

If they believe in Jesus! Jesus is real, all of these people that deny it are evil. They know Jesus is real, they just don't want to do good.

okay, here's the thing, my little niece came home and one of the children told her because she's Jewish along with the rest of my family, that she won't go to heaven because her family killed christ, is that true??

They are already there because they have all the money for a life of paradise.

That sort of thing went out with the 1950's. It's the kind of rot little Catholic kids used to yell at little Jewish kids many years ago. Even the Vatican stopped endorsing that point of view eons ago.

If anyone's still teaching their kids that sort of rubbish, your niece should be removed from that environment. She should be spending her time around the children of more educated, intelligent people.

The fact of the matter, if the jew is a child of God they will go to heaven, but if not then they will die an be destroyed in the end just like all the non elect, that is why it is said, many are called but few are chosen, im just paraphrasing it.


Heaven is an imaginary place. It does not exist in real life.

Please, grow up.

No. Nobody goes to heaven. We die, we rot. Get over it. Sorry.

No one goes to heaven because there is no such place. Grow up.