> Why are muslim children so bad?

Why are muslim children so bad?

Posted at: 2014-10-02 

I believe it is because they lack the love of Jesus Christ.


Hello, I'm Muslim, I'm a mother and the only wife of my husband. And I have not raised my daughter to be violent or a bully.

She has manners and a good heart. Last week she was telling how she shared her lunch with a classmate who perhaps forgot hers. She's learned to spell new words so she is teaching it to her friends.

She's starting to notice that people look different and because of her classmates she's learning that people are of different races. She's noticing the varies range of skin color and hair texture.

I told, "No matter how different a person is from you, you should always be kind and nice." She replied, "Yes, mummy I do!"

they are not, they are only children. children live what they learn, but their little hearts are untouched because they are not old enough to be hardened by the world. be kind. children are children.

EDIT FOR ASKER: Okay, I agree, parents should teach manners, but they are still children and I am Christian, that is why I said be kind, set the example, or speak to the parent, don't hold it against the kids, Jesus said, that what you do to the least of them, I feel you are being honest, I just wonder how fair you are being and if you are stereotyping one child to the next. I see your point though.

There's Muslims & Muslims, millions. But I notice lack of discipline also. Yahweh wanted monogamy.

But not Islam, no such rule, so possible. I saw a sultan had about 54 kids.

The fact that the vast majority of Muslim marriages are actually one man and one woman makes me kind of wonder whether these Muslim children you have been around are real.

I am perfectly aware that that the Koran condones polygyny. That does not mean that most Muslim husbands actually do it.

That's funny. Muslims never tried to drag me into whereever they're holding the service by force, yet countless Christians have.

perhaps they see people like you as a threat, try being nice to them kids generally act the same way they are treated

I find so much hate and discrimination in your question.

Muslims are uncultured uncivilized heathens who beat their wives and kids and don't even use toilet paper to wipe themselves.

Doesn't the bible also condone polygamy?

This is not true, everyone is different.

Whenever I'm around muslim children I notice that they are violent towards non muslim children. They lash out in anger and jealousy. Many of them seem not to have been taught any morals on how to respect others and their elders. I am a Christian, and most Christians teach their children common sense morals on: "Do unto others, as they do unto you". The muslim kids are basically bullies. They often grow up in poor households because pologamy {four wives} is condoned in islam. Muslims should teach their children manners.

Because they only fear Allah. no one else.