> Religion & Spirituality Do you labor in doing GOOD to DRAW G-D near you. ? Genesis 27;27 is this not the LABOR of th

Religion & Spirituality Do you labor in doing GOOD to DRAW G-D near you. ? Genesis 27;27 is this not the LABOR of th

Posted at: 2014-10-02 
No -- I do good for its own sake, and to make the world an incrementally better place for my son to live in.

Isaiah 30:1 states....your following the WRONG SPIRIT.

Now....THINK with me...G-D told the sons of G-D NOT to make the many books nor study them Ecc.12:12-13.

YET G-D asked Jeremiah to MAKE a BOOK for HIM for you Jeremiah 30:1-2

WHAT did it contain soooooo important Jeremiah 4:22 States you never known G-D nor have you ever known GOOD.

WHY because you do not LABOR at it Genesis 27:27 in this verse Isaac had to LABOR and to draw G-D to him, WHY because what Isaac did DELIGHTED G-D,

When we DELIGHT G-D we are shown the TRUE foundations read Psalm 18:15 to 20 note verse 20.

Note: also verse 17 with out G-D with us others in the spiritually realm are TOO STRONG for us alone to take on. They are the WATCHMAN in Song of Solomon 3:3. Those spiritually rulers and chiefs of Jeremiah 51:23 that hid behind all our shepherds that yoked you as oxen their BEAST that they placed the MARK of service in you HANDS. Isaiah 36:6

They LAUGH at you: THE MARK OF THE BEAST .... do you see how foolish you look and sound to them

In the Hebrew letters: every letter is also a number the number of MAN is 666

LABOR you DO not STRIVE in this earth for the LIKENESS OF G-D to be seen growing with-IN-you.

Your all about SELF and ME what can I do for ME...ME....ME.....ME.

What is LABOR doing GOOD hummmmmmmm try it until G-D draws near.....it....is...WORTH the LABOR too not see DEATH when you take your last breath. TO BE GIVEN A RE NEWED and RIGHT SPIRIT WITH-in-YOU. Psalm 51:10-11-12 and Ezekiel 36:26. Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes but nevertheless spirit returns to SPIRIT who gave it. read Ecc.12:7 Psalm 2:7 HIS LAW is to grow back in HIS HOUSE , it is the DECALAR DECREE: to be heard and obeyed.

G-D already did the GOOD to draw me near Him. ? John 3:16 so now when I LABOR in doing GOOD, it is in gratitude and respect of His righteous ways Ps.23:2

No, I do good because it gives me satisfaction. I don't need an invisible omnipresent entity to coerce me into donating food to food banks.


I thought that "labor" was not part of the requirement for god?

You guys need to pick one story, and stick with it.