> Could early Roman Christian converts believe their Emperor was a God as well as Jesus?

Could early Roman Christian converts believe their Emperor was a God as well as Jesus?

Posted at: 2014-10-02 
What is plausible need not be what happened historically for more than a small number if any at all. It is plausible that you and I are Ph.Ds with dissertations on 2nd and 3rd Century Christianity.

No, the emperor Constantine got rid of all the old gods so Christianity would reign in his empire. It was illegal to worship the old gods. I suppose some of them could and still did but they obviously did not have much impact on the empire.

Absolutely not. The opposite was true. It was for this very reason Christians, and I might add Jews were persecuted - because neither could ever acknowledge the Caesar to be divine and remain faithful to their own God.

Many are the accounts of early Christians being offered pardon, if ony they would offer sacrifice to the Emperor. Some did and were spared, but many refused and died for their faith.

You seem to think that there is a distinction between Christianity and pagan Rome..allow me to propose that Jesus was a fabrication of the early church and was cleverly engineered to resemble the O/T prophesied messiah..and that he then became the new pagan god of Rome.. making dozens of pagan gods redundant..let me also add that paganism has not been replaced by Christianity..indeed..paganism has never gone away..it is still with us today..the only thing that changes is the name of their current deity..

No. This is a major reason for the persecution of Jews and Christians as they refused to sacrifice to the Imperial Cult.

They were barred from all Imperial employment, paid penalties and fines and coudl be killed.

No, they did not include the beliefs of the people they converted. Paul started converting pagans. The pagans were allowed to use some of their celebrations, music, festivals and use them to celebrate Christian events. They did not include different beliefs when they converted.

Early Christians were persecuted right up to the point when Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, making it illegal to persecute Christians. It was then that they could come out of secretiveness. They were already Catholic. The term Roman Catholic came about after the split in 1054. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic were used to distinguish the 2 branches. Now they just go by Orthodox and Catholic except for those who are anti-Catholic. For some reason, they always throw in Roman.

The Satanical viewpoint is I am God. Reason Jesus was killed, because their God was bigger and meaner. God is everything.

Early Christianity expanded by including the beliefs of the people they converted by including some of their religious practices and sites into their faith. For instance by saying their Gods were equivalent to certain Saints or building churches over pagan temples. The first major group of people converted were the Romans who were polytheistic and even had the Senate appoint certain emperors such as Julius Caesar as Gods. Do you see any allowance in Christianity that made this conversion easier for Romans also wanting to hang onto some of their old beliefs.