> Can someone tell me the purpose of a "heaven"?

Can someone tell me the purpose of a "heaven"?

Posted at: 2014-10-02 
I'm not sure there is a purpose

God has to have somewhere to put the deceased until Christ returns.

The purpose of heaven is to enjoy it forever. =)

1 Corinthians 2:9

"However, as it is written:

“What no eye has seen,

what no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived”[a]―

the things God has prepared for those who love him―"

Heaven is a temporary place where God currently resides. Why, is that funny? Why would it be funny?

Millions long for life in heaven. Jesus said that his faithful apostles would live there. Before he died, he promised to prepare a place for them with his heavenly Father.―Read John 14:2.Jesus told his apostles that they would be kings. They will rule over the earth.―Read Luke 22:28-30; Revelation 5:10.

In most lands, only a few people are rulers. Since Jesus resurrects people to heavenly life so that they can rule over the earth, we would expect those chosen to be few. (Luke 12:32) The Bible says exactly how many will rule with Jesus.―Read Revelation 14:1.

Jesus has prepared places in heaven for some of his followers. Do you know what they will do there?

Those going to heaven will not be the only ones rewarded. Faithful subjects of Jesus’ Kingdom will enjoy life without end in a restored paradise on earth. (John 3:16) Some will enter Paradise by surviving the destruction of the present wicked system of things. Others will enter by resurrection.―Read Psalm 37:29; John 5:28, 29.

Imagine being in a room and looking out your window and seeing a beautiful mountainous landscape. There is a mirror in the room. You look in the mirror and get a glimpse of the mountainous landscape out the window and it appears deeper, richer, more alive than the real thing. A place where unicorns can keep their horns and donkeys can run without lion skins tied to them. A place colors are deeper, fruit is tastier and people do not age. This is what the new earth will be like.

Eternal bliss

All people find the *truth* about death very dismal indeed.

There is no evidence whatsoever for an afterlife of any kind. Your death and mine will be followed immediately by oblivion...nothingness. It will be your last sleep, and one from which you'll never awaken.

The purpose of heaven is to provide the average person with a fairy tale ending, instead of the actual one.

Apart from the 20% or so of us who are atheists - those who are intelligent and courageous enough to face the truth - four out of five people need an untruth to get them through their lives in some sort of reasonably happy state.

Religions provide the alternative to oblivion that most people need - a heavenly paradise, where you'll spend all eternity as a reward for living a good life.

It does not .really matter that this a huge lie.

What matters is that most people believe it and are comforted by it!

Just be happy that the lie is there for those of you who need it.

(Now, try not to be too annoyed with me for telling you an unpopular truth.)


Well what if God was not omnipresent?

Are you asking the purpose of heaven for A god or as salvation for 'believers?'

yes. The purpose of a "heaven" is to keep all the people in the world who are miserable or oppressed from either killing themselves or killing you.

I am afraid you will have to ask God because the answer is not in wiki as well as not in the encyclopedia or anywhere.

Heaven is the Home of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Armies of Angels, Family,Friends, and loved ones. It's Streets are made of Gold. And a Stream of living water runs down the middle. It is surrounded by Gates of Pearls ans Gems. The Arc of the Covenant is there. .We will not be floating on a Cloud playing a Harp. But will be very busy doing the work that Jesus appoints us to do.

Sin of any kind will not be present. No more wars,taxes,Illness, for we will all have immortal bodies. And live forever.

And we can munch on any of the fruit of it's trees.It is lighted and Tempered by the Glory of GOD. And the whole Created Universe will be know to us. WOW! I'm waiting

Well, after you die, what happens after? Reincarnation? Limbo? Heaven (and Hell) is one of those beliefs. I guess the purpose of heaven is if you were a "good" person and did mostly "good" things while you were alive, than you will be granted to go to heaven.

To hang out with people like Jeffrey Dahmer for all eternity.

It's just a way to sugar coat death. The idea of eternal life in heaven helps some to cope with the idea of dying.

it's the eternal realm

That would be a question for God to answer.


It's the ineffable carrot to counterbalance the infinite stick of Hell.

Every scam needs a hook.